Video is King

Video is King

Video is King.

The rise in popularity of video content is undeniable.

If you’ve used social media in the last year, you’ve probably noticed a large increase in the amount of video content being shared amongst users. If not, you’re probably not paying attention, that, or you just don’t use social media. With the introduction of Instagram “stories” and the “live stream” option on both Facebook and Instagram, there has been a marked surge in video content on both platforms.

Video is changing the way we shop

In the last few years we have also seen many online brands taking favour with video content. Fast fashion giant Asos includes short videos on every product page, featuring the item in motion and . This content gives customers an exceptional tool for visualising the product before purchasing, which both leads to increased sales and a decrease in returns. It’s a win win for customers and business alike.

Budget? No worries.

Video content is immensely powerful for an online store, and can seamlessly spill into promotional content on social media. In the world of social media simple smartphone video is perfectly acceptable, so budget shouldn’t limit you from posting more engaging social content, but when it comes to showcasing your business or promoting your brand in any way we recommend using professional videographers. That’s where we come in. Whether it be simple product videos or something much more grand – we can produce beautiful videos you can be proud to share.

Go professional

A lot can be said in a 30 second video, and it is far more engaging and captivating than still imagery. Better still it might not cost as much as you expect to have a beautiful, professional video produced for your brand. Imagine being able to show your potential clients and customers a stunning video showcasing your offerings? Easy? Yes. Effective? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. You can view our pricing schedule for video now and see for yourself.

Keep up with the curve and get in touch with us today to discuss your video production needs. Want to see samples of what we can do for you? Head to our Video page to learn more.