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Founded in 2007, Pixel Whip is a digital design agency based in Perth that provides the right communication tools to maximise your business impact within your industry.

Our process

Simplify the complex

We work with you to identify and develop your brand identity personality, providing creative solutions that get you recognised in the market and ultimately drive a response. With every new design project we endeavour to form a successful long term working relationship with our clients. We enjoy the little things in life and are happy to help our clients with tasks of any size.



Don’t be alarmed, we’ll have tons of questions for you, but they’ll help us analyse the project and develop the right perspective to start outlining a brief.



Based on the information that we have gathered, we will devise a brief that suits all aspects of the task. This will form the basis of the project, and acts as a guide for us to follow.



We begin developing the project, working towards a final solution which we will present to you. We will gather feedback, so we can make further changes.



Looking closer, the project is refined according to feedback which we have obtained. Consider this like the icing and cherry on a cake!



This is the part you’ve been waiting for, we’ll present the final project to you and give you all the tools you need so you can start sharing it with the world.



We will analyse the impact that your project has had, whether it is a website with tracking statistics, an email campaign, or a re-brand solution we can crunch the numbers!

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